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Don't go anywhere near these butchers! I and another family member took up a Groupon voucher offer for x2 wash, cut and blow dry. The first lady was very unhappy with the amount the stylist proceeded to chop off even though she had specifically asked for no more than half an inch trim. By the time she noticed it was too late and the stylist had to continue the cut and as a result she left the salon with hair at least 3 inches shorter. My daughter was booked in for today and I phoned ahead of her appointment and made it clear that our relative had been unhappy with how much hair she had 'lost' and they were not to take too much off my 15 year old daughter's length. Yes, you guessed it! Daughter is now refusing to come home as her hair that was previously 2 inches past her bra strap is now just past her shoulders. I immediately phoned the salon to be greeted by the most unprofessional, rude, condescending and jumped receptionist I have ever had the misfortune to come across. She refused to let me speak to either the manager or the stylist, and threatened me with security if I came down in person to complain. The call ended with the receptionist screeching and screaming that my daughter should have complained at the time and promptly slammed the phone down on me. I will not be letting this drop and warn you to steer clear of Belissimo if you want to keep your long tresses long. I have given them one star review as there is no option for 0 stars.

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